Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update!!!!! So sorry =-( Day 6....Back on Track

I've been having some serious computer problems but, I'm back on track with everything now!! =-) 
So here are the days that I wasn't able to Post.....This is what I did on these day's, and since I had a BAD wk on last week I will be Pushing my Goal date 1wk ahead which is now (Feb-18-2011) 
So as for Today gos I am on Day 6!!!! I had a Bad wk ...what can I say =-) but I'm not gonna give up I am gonna stick with it all the way ^_^

 So now for some Quick Updates from the past few Days!!!

Day 3...Back on Track!! Nov-13-2010
I worked out my Legs&Butt for about an Hr...
I try to rotate between certain body parts every other day.

 Day 4...Nov 15-2010
Arms,Abs & Chest
I did Arms, Abs&Chest for about an Hr an a half, I switched up my sets.
Remember not not over work your Muscles when working out or if your a Beginner.


Day 5....Nov 23-2010
Today I took on Hard Core Abs& Legs,
I did about 1Hr and then later that nite i did 20 min Abs!!



Day 6....Nov 24-2010 (Today)

I did 1hr 1/2 today


Hope you guys enjoyed,



  1. Hey April! I feel your pain of getting in shape and being where you want. I love your examples and this has been my bad week and a half, lol. Hope you reach your goal as i'm also working on mine. I love your idea of the goal picture totally have to copy that. I'm a follower of yours so hopefully we can be cyber work out buddies, ^_^

    - Leilani

  2. Christina Leilani*
    Hey girl, Sorry I took so long to answer back to this comment, I'm glad u understand because I had a bad week to =-( and I'm not proud of it!!
    It's good to have someone to motive one another =-).... Thank u do much for Following I will do the same as well, That sounds good.