Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back on Track...=-)

Hello Everyone =-)
My Name is April and I will be sharing some tips,goals,??questions concerns,ect.. with you all.
Today is the 1st day of me getting Back on Track with my workout Routine that I will be sharing
with you.Today I am just sharing the comforts of how you should feel when your working out,and I will also
have picture's for you of what you
should/could where.( I am not a Trainer nor am I a workout Expert) I am just another
everyday person sharing my love of working out and being Healthy...I am still learning myself...
your never to old to learn.
I have been up and down with Working out for some yr's so I figured it was time to just get all the
way back on with working out and being Healthy (for good).
I really hope this Blog will be helpful to a lot of you out there and we can all learn from eachother.
I will be posting a Video soon from my Day1 workout which started today.
I will be posting some picture's of how I look now and my Goal of how I want my Body to look
in 3mth's!!! which is Feburary 11th fom today,so I hope you enjoy my journey and my update's
that I will be sharing...I am always willing to learn  ^_^
Thank you everyone for taking the time out stope by my Blog I really Appreciate it

                        April  =-) 

These are some items you can wear when working out to feel more Comfortable

and also things you will need when working out or goin to the GYM.

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