Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2...Back on Track

  Posted Nov 12,2010
Hey Blogger's
So today I'm going to be showing you some Exercises I did today which was a
All over Body Workout.
Today I started out with some warm-up's with my Legs ,Back,Arms  ect..
I did these warm ups for about 10-15 mins.
This is a picture to give a example of some warm ups..

Increased Body Temperature - This improves muscle elasticity, also reducing the risk of strains and pulls.
Increased Muscle Temperature - The temperature increases within muscles that are used during a warm-up routine. A warmed muscle both contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly. In this way both speed and strength can be enhanced. Also, the probability of overstretching a muscle and causing injury is far less.
Belly Dance
So after a nice warm-up I started out with 30 mins of Belly workout's.
*which helps your lower,higher and side Abs,and also your lower back.


Then I did a Full Body Workout working all the Muscles in my body for about 30 mins.
I did these Workouts on T.V. (Fit T.V.)
I LOVE this Channel they tell you everything you need to know about being FIT!!
All over Body..

Then I started my Full Body and Core Workout for about 1hr.
So in Total I did 2hrs Today!!!
Always make sure you take brakes for a drink of H20 to stay cool.

Til den I'll see you on Day 3.



  1. ...and one, and two and three! Lol! Now go grab a green smoothie :)

  2. rmcandlelight*
    LOL.. girl I was working hard. =-)